The Best Tattoo Stencil Printers in 2023

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In recent years, technology in tattooing has changed so drastically and there are always exciting and new products for us artists to try. Stencil printers have been an absolute game changer for the tattoo industry and we can’t believe that some studios still refuse to have them in their store. Not only do they save so much time but they create an accurate stencil. Handdrawn stencils are not as reliable and can have a lot of mistakes in them, and especially for text and geometric tattoos, a tattoo stencil printer is just so much better. Tattoo stencil printers can print some of the finest lines as well as some of the boldest lines. 

However, especially for a first-time buyer, it might be quite confusing to purchase your first tattoo stencil printer. There are so many different setups including Bluetooth, portable, thermal, cartridge, plugged-in, and wireless that you may not know which will suit you best. That is where we come to the rescue. We will be taking a look at the top 5 tattoo stencil printers of 2023, and include the pros and cons of each machine. You as the reader will then be able to determine which machine works best for your needs. 

Yilong Wireless Tattoo Stencil Printer

Not only is the Yilong Wireless Tattoo Stencil Printer easy to use, lightweight, and compatible with most smartphones, but it is also portable and does not require being plugged in, and because it’s a thermal printer it doesn’t require any expensive refill cartridges. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can last for 200 prints, meaning it can be taken anywhere and does not need to be plugged in all of the time! All of these features mean that it is one of the most convenient and easy-to-use tattoo stencil printers on the market by leaps and bounds. 

This stencil printer can use both stencil paper sheets and rolls, which may be a better option if your shop is very busy. They come in both black and white to match your studio aesthetic and come with 15 sheets of transfer paper and a storage container. You do need to install the app to use the machine and it might take some getting used to, but it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. Sleek, easy to use, and very affordable coming in at $199, you can see exactly why the Yilong Wireless Tattoo Stencil Printer is top of our list. 

Atomus Transfer Machine

The Atomus Transfer Machine is one of the most popular stencil printing machines on the market, and we think this is due to its low price and how easily available it is to purchase. This machine is easy to use, but it can wear out fairly quickly if it is used in a busy tattoo studio daily. You also need to make sure that the digital image you are printing has good bold lines in order for it to show up on the stencil. The machine is very quiet and has a fairly fast printing speed but you do need to guide the paper as it prints. You will also need a regular inkjet printer as you cannot print directly via this stencil machine – rather it makes a copy of a printed-out image. 

You need to make sure to let the printer rest for around 2 minutes between prints, so it might be frustrating in a busy tattoo studio. This machine is not wireless and cannot be charged so it will need to remain plugged in at all times, making it slightly inconvenient to travel with. They are on the more affordable side, coming in at $132.99. 

Epson Eco Tank Printer

Another favorite is the Epson Eco Tank Printer. It is quite a clever concept as it makes use of a normal re-fillable printer, but you fill it with a special stencil ink. The Epson printer has a high-capacity tank that is re-fillable, making it much more economical than regular printers that use disposable cartridges. The tank can print over 4500 pages and is completely zero-waste. The printer is able to pick up on fine details making it great for printing sharp, detailed stencils. 

You will need to purchase special paper for it to print on and a specific ink – namely the Electrum Eco Stencil Ink. You will also need a desktop or laptop to print from. This ink works best when used in conjunction with Electrim’s own stencil stuff, so it can be quite costly to initially set up this printer. The printer comes in at a whopping $1400, and the ink is another $75.25 for 4 ounces. When applied correctly, these stencils can last for an extremely long session and do not wipe off or fade easily. 

Calicon Wireless Tattoo Stencil Printer

A true contender on the market, the Calicon Wireless Tattoo Stencil Printer is another wireless tattoo stencil printer that is compatible with any smartphone or smart device. It is easy to use and can print quickly and efficiently on the go. This machine is rechargeable, lightweight, and runs for about 4 hours once fully charged, making it a bit less effective when you compare its battery life against the Yilong device. It does not print shadows or complex pattern-work very well and it works best with bolder outline drawings. It also works better with stencil sheets as opposed to a roll, so is slightly less economical. Selling for a competitive $199.99, we are not sold that it performs as well as other printers on the market. 

Choosing the right stencil printer for your needs may be daunting as there are so many out there to choose from. We hope that this list has narrowed down the choice for you, and that you will enjoy printing perfect, hassle-free stencils in no time. You will have more time to focus on tattooing as pesky hand stenciling will be out of the way and you will be able to up your tattooing game with more precise work. 


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