F-Series Machines

Yilong F6 Wireless Tattoo Machine

F6 has a really comfortable grip, designed to make your experience as easy and comfy as possible. It helps us create a smooth and precise tattoo while keeping you relaxed throughout the process.


Wireless Tattoo Pen

Yilong F3 Adjustable Stroke Tattoo Pen Machine


Yilong F5 Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen Machine

Original price was: $199.00.Current price is: $169.00.

Yilong K3 Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen


Yilong K5 Wireless Battery Tattoo Pen


Tattoo Cartridge Needles

Yilong Purple Cartridge Needle-20PCS


Yilong Yellow Dragonfly III Cartridge Needles 12 Round Liner – 10pcs


OFEYLE Blue Ink Cartridge Needle High Quality – 12 M1– 20pcs


Yilong OFEYLE White Cartridge Needles – 12 Round Shader – 20pcs


About Yilong

Founded in 2003, Yilong has been providing products and services to tattoo artists and tattoo lovers around the world for nearly 15years.

Artist Sponsorship Program

We are pleased to be able to provide products to support tattoo artists in their creative endeavors. We will invite good tattoo artists to advise us on tattoo machines, tattoo needles or other accessories.


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